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AWANTONA - Malaysia’s Top Wedding Professional Photographer,Videographer & Various Design Services.
Awantona Solemnization

The energy and excitement couples feel on their wedding day can make it pass by in a blur. The job of our photographers is  to catch all those moments you missed or were too overjoyed to notice. We don’t just take photos – we preserve memories. Our services are personalized to match your unique style and taste.

– Awantona



  • Exclusive album 8×12 (20 pages)
  • Large poster frame
  • Large wood frame
  • 1 senior photographer
  • Softcopy in pendrive.
We don’t just take photos, we preserve memories.

Everyone is looking for something different in their important day, so with anything in your mind, we are confident you will find a little (or a lot) of what you are looking for. Get in touch with us for free consultation.

AWANTONA – Pro Wedding Photographer with Affordable Price in Selangor.

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