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AWANTONA - Malaysia Trusted Wedding Photographer & Videographer

Why Would You Wait For 3-4 Months For Your Wedding Album?

It’s a norm in photography industry where wedding album’s time completion is taking around 3-4 months. Fortunately with us, we totally understand it can be very overwhelming for you to have your precious photos as soon as possible. Hence, we took the initiative to complete your wedding album in only 25 days! How satisfying would that be!?

25 days?

We totally get the idea of the frustration if you don’t get your wedding album on the dot. We can GUARANTEE you, if you do not get your album in 25 days, we will waive your final payment!

Variety of Packages, On Point Quality and Premium Materials!

We create the same aftermath for each type of package. No double standard for paying the lowest value package. The only several things that differentiate between those packages are quality and type of albums, the number of album pages, frame size and optional services.

We Vow For 1 year!

We are committed to deliver the highest quality of album for your lifetime memory. 1-year warranty for typo error, faded picture, album detachment or water damage. *T&C Apply

Professional and Friendly Photographer? No Problem!

Our photographers are highly trained with a deluxe SOP to ensure they are achieving their personal KPI. We only provide senior professional photographers to help serving your prestigious event to become merrier! Don’t worry about being a rock in front of the camera. They will get the job done. From awkward pose to a supermodel real quick!

Experienced and Registered with SSM

We have been in this industry since 2013 and headquartered in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras. We are registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia and have served more than 700 wedding couples.


Awantona has been in the field of wedding photography since 2013. Our mission is to produce quality wedding albums in 14 days. The memory captured is an art that will never outdated and will last forever. The intimate, friendly and emotional moments with family and friends are the most natural experiences.

Equipped with high-quality Canon & Nikon cameras allow Awantona photographers to perform smoothly in every situation. Awantona constantly ensures that our professional photographers meet the standards of work set to meet customer criteria and satisfaction. Awantona has also consistently refined our photography skills to keep up to date with current trends.

Awantona is very concerned about customer satisfaction and enjoyment. Customers can find the best and friendly service from the beginning of the process until it is complete. Awantona prioritizes customers and product excellence and quality over cost and profit.


You will not only get an exclusive wedding album in 25 days (money back guarantee!), we also guarantee a 12 month warranty for album cover!


Choose your package, we’ll help you visualize your memory.


Starts from RM1250


Starts from RM1450


Starts from RM1550

Pre/post wedding

Starts from RM450


Starts from RM450

Special event

Starts from RM1450


Gambar-gambar Awantona di IG dan Fb tersangatlah cantik. Gambar jelas, pakej album pon ekslusif. Puas hati sangat-sangat. Poster frame pun cantik. Masa outdoor session, kami memang tak reti nak posing-posing. Nasib baik ada photographer berpengalaman ajar cara posing.

Syafiqah & Iqbal

Alhamdulillah. Suka sangat. Kualiti gambar sangat cantik dan memuaskan. Pakej Awantona menarik dan boleh siap dalam masa 1 bulan.

Amira & Amirul

Sangat berpuas hati dan bersyukur tak buat pilihan yang salah. Gambar Awantona berkualiti, service yang cepat dan photographer yang friendly. Janji ditepati seperti yang tertera di dalam kontrak.

Helmi & Athirah

Photographer sporting, tak buat kita rasa awkward walaupun baru jumpa. Rasa selesa nak bekerjasama. Admin layan tiptop walaupun baru nak survey. Yang pasti album guarantee siap dalam masa 25 hari bekerja.

Hazira & Qayyum

Awantona deliver more than promised. Photographer, videographer layan kami macam kawan. Korang ketawa je buat kami rasa selesa walaupun letih.

Hidayu & Faez

Staff Awantona super friendly, lawak and ceria. Quality gambar sebelum edit sudah cukup membuktikan bahawa gambar yang dihasilkan berkualiti. Service and layanan yang terlampau tiptop.

Adyanie & Hariz
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It's not just a photo, we capture memories.

Everybody wants something special and meaningful on the day, we at Awantona are sure you'll find what you're looking for.

Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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